Thousands roar on the women at Wembley

A record breaking crowd of 45,619 witnessed England’s women take to the pitch at Wembley yesterday for the first ever time.

The attendance could have been more if it wasn’t for the ignorance of two Underground lines being shut and the damp weather. Despite this, the women still pulled in a bigger attendance than the men’s last friendly at Wembley – and it was the best atmosphere I’ve witnessed at an England game in a long time.

It was a day for the new generation. There were thousands of children – most of whom did not care what gender was playing, it was just England to them. Families visiting Wembley for an affordable price (£15 for adults, £1 for children) and girl’s football teams finally seeing their heroes on the big stage.

England were taught a lesson by a well-organised German side, who have won six European titles, and ran out 3-0 winners thanks to three first-half goals. Some may say this is a reality check for the women’s side who failed in their 20th attempt to beat Germany. Their next major championship, The World Cup, starts in Canada in less than eight months time.

But, for most it seemed the score in this historic friendly was irrelevant. Above anything, the atmosphere and interest in the game proved that there is a love and passion for women’s football. It needs to be showcased more, given more funding, and allowed to play at what should arguably be it’s international home on a permanent basis.

Check out the video above to see Karen Carney receiving her award for 100 caps and the views of a wide range of different fans at the game today as to why they were there and the importance of women’s football playing at Wembley.

Picture credits: Alice Mason

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