‘The time is right’ for new counter terrorism measures

The home secretary, Theresa May, has today revealed plans for new police powers following the UK’s largest terrorism threat since 9/11.

At an anti-terrorism event today, Teresa May has revealed new counter terrorism plans saying the ‘time is right’ for stricter security measures. The event comes after 40 terror plots have been foiled this year.

May acknowledged that ‘legislation is important… and these proposals help to keep us safe at a time of very significant danger’.

In order to prevent the severe threat from becoming a reality, Mrs May questioned the authorities ability to monitor online communications and has asked schools, universities and councils to help prevent online radicalisation; those previously radicalised by Islamic State, ‘weren’t previously on [the] radar’, thus posing an inevitable threat to the UK.

Internet service providers will be obliged to retain IP addresses for each individual user. May also proposed to target insurance firms who pay these ‘barbaric groups’ a ransom.

But these proposals have already received some criticism from human rights groups, and have been seen as ‘a recipe for injustice’. Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said: ‘Yet again politicians resort to high talk and rushed legislation in an attempt to look tough in the face of terrorism’.

Picture: Flickr – ukhomeoffice

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