Llewelyn-Bowen’s Winter ‘wonderland’ forced to close

The Magical Journey, at the world famous Belfry Resort, has been forced to close down after hundreds of complaints from visitors about long queues and ‘cheap plastic toys’ being handed out by Father Christmas. 

The attraction had promised to be ‘magical’ and ‘enchanting’ by the designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who is for his flair for excellent designing. However many customers have argued that it is far from magical, and has ruined their much awaited Christmas outing.

Visitors were disappointed with the quality of rides and the organisation of the event, and many voiced their anger at the fact that it was not what it promised to be on their website.

The event director, Paul Dolan, said that everyone that is affected by the closure will get a full refund. He told The Telegraph that:

“The team have put their hearts and souls into creating The Magical Journey.

It’s clear to us now that we should have postponed the opening, but we didn’t want to disappoint those families already booked. That was the wrong decision and we apologise.”

The attraction is due to stay shut until November 26.

Picture: The Magical Kingdon Facebook

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