Judge Rinder will return for another 2 series in 2015

After a ratings success, ITV have green-lit a further two series of daytime courtroom show Judge Rinder across 100 episodes in 2015.

The show premiered its first series over the summer this year and managed to draw in over one million viewers every episode.

Jude Rinder gave a statement about his return to the daytime courtroom saying “I’m thrilled that the show is returning for yet another two series and I can’t wait to bring justice to more people and work on even more challenging and entertaining cases.”

The show came into production after ITV wanted to adapt a British version of the highly successful US TV show Judge Judy. Criminal Barrister Robert Rinder provided an excellent choice as a presiding judge with his law background as well as his background in drama and performance from his time at university.

A specific air date has yet to have been given on when Judge Rinder will be returning but it can be expected to return in the early stages of the 2015 year.

Image: Oregon Department of Transportation

Video: Thomas McBain

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