Buy London’s Illegal! to help drug users buy more drugs

This Big Issue styled cultural magazine which kicked off in Copenhagen is now introduced to London streets. The idea behind it is to help out drug users not to steal or give in to prostitution in retribution for money for drugs. The magazine costs £3.50 and has already been introduced to Hoxton in east London.

Idea behind Illegal! is, according to their website, ‘that drug users should be decriminalised.’ As Big issue vendors inform you on the issue of homelessness, Illegal vendors would empower the society with knowledge on drugs, with properly researched features inside the magazine. Michael Lodberg Olsen, the founder of this idea said for Vice ‘I think the main thing about making a magazine to sell instead of begging is that it becomes more dignified’. He has denied the worries both Danish and British police officers had, that vendors might end up consuming by far more drugs, with this induced everyday magazine selling habit gets out of control. Olsen says ‘Drugs have never been cheaper, instead of continuing something which isn’t working, we want to explore other ways.’

Hackney gazette reported on the first day of sales on the streets of east London: ‘By the time the Gazette went to press, one seller sold 80 copies within four days’. They believe the topics in the magazine are strong enough to hook people onto it. So far, it has covered topics around war on drugs in Mexico, drug culture music and several case studies on people overcoming addiction.

writes @ManicMaja

Photo credit: Joseph Cox

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