5 must have anti-Christmas gifts

The season to be jolly is almost upon us. Christmas carols will fill the air, people will be rushing to get their shopping done in time and festive films are already being shown on every TV channel. Although this is the favourite time of year for many of us, there is a minority that dread this yearly celebration. In the spirit of Scrooges everywhere WNOL brings you the best anti-Christmas gifts.

1) The not-so conventional Christmas card. This little number is bound to get a chuckle out of anyone, as it perfectly embodies the feeling of despair that some people feel at the thought of Christmas. As you read this I bet that you’ve all got someone in mind that this card would be perfect for. There’s always one (!)


christmas card

2) A tongue in cheek chef’s apron. We all know that any good holiday involves consuming your body weight in junk food. Spare a thought for the poor soul that slaves away in the kitchen making all the food that is scoffed every day of the winter holidays by buying them this cheeky apron. If you are that poor bugger that ends up cooking every holiday, then this apron is the perfect way to guilt trip your friends and family into lending you a hand.



3) A keyring is the perfect way to remind everyone that you are not in the mood for a Christmas carol sing along or to watch ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ for the ten millionth time. This little bugger will keep your keys safe and act as a deterrent for any potential inappropriate jolliness until the festive season is over.


4) We’ve all been exposed to our fair share of ugly Christmas jumpers over the years, but this anti-Christmas t-shirt take the biscuit. With its suitably un-festive message, this will be the perfect item of clothing for anyone feeling a bit ‘bah humbug’ this season. And can I just add, a t-shirt in winter! It’s got rebel written all over it (!)

t shirt

5) For the most reverent haters of the festive season, we have the anti-Christmas phone cover. This will be a much appreciated gift for passionate haters of the holiday season. It means you can proudly flaunt your Scroogeness to your hearts content whilst casually answering your phone or replying to a text.

phone cover

In all seriousness, we love Christmas here at WNOL and will be bringing you lots of festive articles in the run up to the biggest event of the year. If you haven’t caught the contagious bug of festive jolliness yet, hang in there and remember- it’ll all be over soon! Although I must admit that if I catch a carol singer before December has even begun, I won’t be held responsible for my actions…(!)

Pictures: Zazzle.co.uk – 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, Jane Dominguez

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