Fortnum & Mason introduces the Spirit of Christmas

One of the oldest and most signature stores to be found on the London streets opens its brand new Spirits department in the wake of the Christmas season. If you’re looking for the perfect present for your loved ones, who appreciate a stiff whiskey or the occasional shot of tequila, this is definitely the place for you.

Many of Fortnum & Mason‘s loyal customers were not aware of the change, as all spirits suddenly disappeared from the shelves, only to reappear hours later in the new classy and glamorous section of the store’s lower ground floor. And the managers made sure the launch would be a night to remember.

With guest suppliers from a number of famous distilleries offering their products to passing customers, many were able to enjoy a glass of alcohol, ranging from £20 to £150 a bottle. The star of the show was the Islay celebrity, Bruichladdich, whose 5-year-old Octomore stole the spotlight of the night. The heavily peated, smokey whiskey attracted a large audience, including many of the store’s own staff.

“In the beginning, it feels like a needle going through your body in a split second, but after that you get the most amazing whiskey taste, you can hope for,” says Peter Casey, the whiskey specialist in Fortnum & Mason.

Balvenie, Jack Daniel’s, and Highland Park were also present, with whiskey ranging from 12 to 18 years old grabbing the attention and capturing the hard-earned capital of the guests. The brand new Fortnum & Mason house gin also turned heads, with its citrusy scent and smooth texture.

“We had the idea to split the larger department in order to give a big statement to the spirits,” says Jehan Sacaze, manager of the department. “We have many special items in stock, from the Macallan Rarest, which is £10,000 a bottle, to whiskies from MacKillop’s distillery, which is now closed. Here, we have a library, in which the customer can come and choose the right ‘book’ to drink tonight.”

So if you are in the mood to get into the Christmas spirit already, Fortnum & Mason is the perfect place for you to escape from the cold and warm yourself up with a cheeky, festive drink. All in the name of Christmas, of course!

Picture: Lilly Mustakova.

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