No more page 3: Tesco changes news layout

Victory for the ‘No more page 3’ campaign as Tesco reveal they will change the layout of their news cube displays so tabloid covers will no longer be visible to small children.  

The ‘No more page 3’ campaign posted a statement via their Twitter today confirming that Supermarket heavy weights Tesco, will be changing the way they display news publications to ensure young children are not exposed to inappropriate tabloid covers.

“AMAZING SUPPORTERS!!!!!!!!! AMAZING NEWS AND A HUGE THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! It is down to all of your incredible and relentless complaining and emailing that we can now announce – TESCO ARE CHANGING THEIR NEWS DISPLAYS!!! The supermarket have confirmed that they will very soon be changing the format of their ‘news cubes’ Tabloid front covers will no longer be displayed vertically on the sides of the cubes. Instead, only the names and logos will be visible from the sides. This means that not only are the tabloid covers no longer in the line of sight of small children; they will be a lot less visible from a distance to all shoppers We want to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to you all and to Child Eyes and supporters for the literally 100’s of emails sent that lead to the supermarket agreeing to meet to negotiate the change More detailed information will be shared tomorrow but please know what a big victory this is for ‪#‎people power ”

The ‘No more page 3′ campaign predominantly focus’ on eradicating page 3 glamour modelling and inappropriate imagery found in a number of tabloid newspapers, “because boobs aren’t news”.

But they are not a campaign group vying for censorship, instead attempting to persuade tabloid newspapers such as The Sun to voluntarily remove page 3 from their publications.

On the campaign website the group explain that young children are constantly exposed to indecent sexual imagery in tabloids. Be it when they see someone reading a paper at home or when they go to supermarkets and they are clearly visible on the shelves.

‘No more page 3’ believes that young girls who see these inappropriate images are “more likely to grow up thinking they should get their clothes off for men” and are, “more likely to accept and take on the image of being a sex object”.

Whereas young boys are “less likely to treat women and girls with respect. They are more likely to think of women and girls as less than human and as a result to treat women and girls in a derogatory way and not worry about hurting them”.

Tesco is a huge supermarket chain that serves millions of customers each week. Their decision to alter the news displays in store, hiding inappropriate tabloid covers, is a step in the right direction for ‘No more page 3’ and their supporters all over Britain.

They may even pave the way for fellow companies to do the same.

Picture: ŠJů

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