Gemma Collins blames ‘I’m A Celeb’ exit on violent Ex-Boyfriend

Gemma Collins recently left the Australian jungle just days after entering as an ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ contestant, however since leaving she has finally broke her silence on why she chose to escape the outback in such a rush.

The TOWIE star stated ‘A personal and very serious incident that happened to me hours before I flew to Australia affected me in camp far more than I could have imagined and I just couldn’t carry on in there’. Gemma has not mentioned the specific details of the incident however she believed that her recent breakup with ex-boyfriend and criminal Alex Moss left her far too vulnerable and fragile to be able to properly live and complete trials properly.

During her short stint on the show Gemma had already given dramatic scenes of exiting a helicopter due to nausea and nervousness over the prospect of skydiving into camp, along with floods of tears from finding out she would have to live only on porridge for the first few days.

At one point Gemma was even filmed saying ‘Murderers are treated better than this’.

Her TOWIE co-star and best friend Bobby Norris flew out to support her however she had already made an exit by the time he arrived. Bobby said ‘I came out here to support her, but as I touched down she was taking off! In reality Essex life is pretty comfortable. Until you’re in the jungle you don’t know how hard it is. I really was rooting for her but it wasn’t meant to be’.

Image: missgemmacollins

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