What’s next for footballs top six?

Now that the international break is coming to an end, it is time to get back to more important matters…the Premier League! WNOL Sports is here to give you it’s predictions on how the current top six will fare in their next six fixtures.

We will find out whether Chelsea have it in them to carry on their winning streak, and we will see if West Ham, Southampton and Swansea can remain real contenders in the title race.

1. Chelsea

No upcoming events

Points on offer = 18
Points Predicted = 18

Chelsea have been classed as the “invincibles” this season with the addition of some world class signings that have made a massive difference in their approach. Chelsea have always had issues with strikers, and finally with the combination of Costa, Fabgregas and Hazard, they finally have a chance of taking the top spot for the first time in five years. Although they have local rivals Tottenham to contend with, they should be able to pick up all points available.


2. Southampton

No upcoming events

Points on offer = 18
Points Predicted= 12

You would have to say they are the true surprise of this season. After Liverpool bought the majority of the Saints talent during the last transfer window and losing their manager to Tottenham, we wouldn’t have been surprised if Southampton were fighting to stay in the Premier League. Instead, the mix of exciting new players and a decent fixture list has Southampton thriving.  The reason why they have a better goal difference compared to Chelsea is mainly down to new revelation Graziano Pellè. He isn’t just performing on the fantasy football platform; he’s the main man in the squad with Dušan Tadić supplying a good amount of assists for him to wrap his foot around.


3. Manchester City

No upcoming events

Points on offer = 18
Points Predicted = 15

The recent slump in form from the current title holders can be put down to a multitude of sins. A change in formation, a manager carrying the expectations of a very impatient owner and a few players lost within the team have all contributed to a very unhappy team. The fact that Yaya Toure has been pushed up the field means they no longer have a middle man who can seamlessly put together a string of neat passes.


4. West Ham

No upcoming events

Points on offer = 18
Points Predicted = 10

11 points in the last six games for West Ham is a pretty mean feat when at the start of the season it wasn’t certain if Big Sam was going to make it through the weekend. Now, in fourth, it seems like they are finally finding their feet with the help of Mamadou Sakho. They do have two tricky games coming up before Christmas including Everton and Swansea hence why we have predicted the small amount of points.


5. Swansea

No upcoming events

Points on offer = 18
Points Predicted = 13

They have had favourable fixtures so far this year, so surely they must be all the fall soon? Well you would be wrong, as apart from their next game, against Man City, they should be able to rack up a steady amount of points. New manager, Garry Monk understands their type of play and with the much needed addition of Sigurðsson who is flourishing out of a Tottenham strip, they should be still up there in weeks to come.


6. Arsenal

No upcoming events

Points on offer = 18
Points predicted = 15

Their physio team hasn’t been improved in the last three seasons and it can’t be seen as bad luck when it’s mostly the same players. They sold a defender and didn’t strengthen correctly which is costing them dearly as their recent defensive displays have been sloppy and careless. Instead of buying a defensive midfielder they desperately needed they bought a striker instead.

Picture Credit: wonker

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