Hackers are watching through webcams, CCTV and baby monitors

It’s been revealed by the UK’s privacy watchdog that thousands of us could be being watched by hackers through webcams.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has warned members of the public to change their passwords after a Russian-based website was found to be accessing personal home cameras. The hackers appear to be watching people through laptop webcams, home CCTV and baby monitors.

The Russian website revealed 500 live feeds from Britain alone this morning, raising concern into the security of internet connections. The site has published videos from a bedroom, gym, office and watching a baby sleeping, thus indicating that the public are being spied on in their own homes. The website claim they are within their rights stating that the user should have changed their password.

According to Sky News, these types of ‘internet connection’ hacks have happened before when a Miss Teen USA’s webcam was hacked, a hacker shouted abuse at a child through a child monitor, sexual images were hacked from millions of internet users, and cyberstalking through webcams has also happened, so why is this still continuing?

Partly because of online tutorials teaching how to hack into somebody’s webcam? This simply illustrates how easy it is to access somebody else’s webcam, and watch them while they unknowingly continue with their day-to-day activities. Where is an individual’s right to privacy on the internet?

Moral of the story: Make a ridiculously difficult password, and ensure you have software to protect you from these hackers.

Picture: Wikipedia

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