Is Beyoncé “tired of the lies”?

Yesterday, Beyonce’s new song was leaked, and the lyrics sent her fans into a frenzy. The song is called, ‘Ring Off’. In the song Beyonce is telling a story about a woman trying to leave a bad relationship and blaming her partner for telling lies.

It seems like Beyonce is encouraging ladies to be brave and take the ring off when there’s something wrong in a relationship, and there is some speculation about Beyonce trying to leave Jay-Z because he was unfaithful. They are one of the most attractive couples in the music industry without a doubt, but even that could not stop the rumours earlier this year, about Jay-Z cheating in their marriage. Now the fans think that the song is hinting at the truth behind about this rumour. Whether Beyonce is having real difficulties or just wanting the spot light, it is definitely attracting everyone’s attention. The new song triggered people to question if their Queen Beyonce and King Jay-Z is as happy in real life as they seem to be in front of the cameras?

Picture: Beyonce’s Instagram

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