Westminster reacts to student loans

There’s been a lot of debate going around student loans and whether the system should be changed due to the fact that 70% of students are predicted to never fully repay their student loans.

A recent report by the Higher Education Commission indicates that 73% of graduates will not be able to repay their student loans. It warns that the current loan system is the worst in the world and could lead to extensive problems in the future.

We took to the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster to find out what students think of the current educational funding system. Is the system flawed? Do they think they’ll be able to repay their student debt?

Rianne Gordon says she feels like paying back her loans won’t be an impossible task. It will take her a few years, but she’s confident it can happen.

Gemma Smith says she’s keen on finding the “loopholes” in order to avoid paying her student loans.

Tatia O’Connor isn’t really bothered by student loans. She feels the system is flawed because it doesn’t provide an incentive for students to do better.

What do you think of student loans? Should the government change the current system? Will you or those close to you be able to pay their student loans?

Pictures: Topjur01

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