Two Palestinians attack synagogue in Jerusalem

Two Palestinians armed with axes, knives and a gun attacked a synagogue in West Jerusalem on Tuesday 18 November, killing five people and injuring six

Two cousins, Uday, 22, and Ghassam Abu Jamal, 33, broke into the synagogue at 7am on Tuesday morning, shortly after the prayers had finished. They killed four rabbis and injured a policeman who later died of his wounds.

The two assailants were shot dead by the Israeli police force outside the building.

Representatives of different countries promptly condemned the attack. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will “respond harshly” to what US Secretary of State John Kerry described as an “act of pure terror”.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also expressed his criticism in an official statement.

Many fear the attack will increase the already high level of tension between Israel and Palestine, bringing the latter to start what has been called a “third intifada“.

Pictures: Godot13

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