How disastrous are we expecting American version of Luther to be?

Fox channel has announced they are remaking BBC detective series Luther, and Idris Elba fans’ response is fairly negative. Why are we expecting another flop?

Original Luther’s creator Neil Cross and star Idris Elba are writing and producing Luther remake by Fox. At first, this sounds like a good idea, unless you already follow American crime series on the same channel and you know this network already has similar series on self-destructive detective-also a European remake, called Backstrom. We are also sceptic, as Fox’s Gracepoint, also a British remake has had low ratings nd did not offer anything new. Fox’s strategy was as well aiming at the audience that loved it, but they failed as they offered nothing new. So the issue is that American TV is not lacking detective shows, in fact it has plenty of low rating ones, and just adding up shot-for-shot remakes isn’t going to improve their ratings!

Luther is just the latest British drama to get Americanized, and Twitter has heated up over it as well:


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