Cleverly v Bellew II – The Classic Storyline

As the British media descends upon Liverpool to cover the biggest fight in the cruiserweight division, they encounter a classic storyline: an original, but with familiar characters. Two men which, from the outside, have nothing in common. A bold, fiery Liverpudlian filled with hatred and evil intentions plays the villain; and a self-assured Welshman with a quiet confidence represents the hero.

Tony Bellew and Nathan Cleverly have had their careers intertwined with each other’s since they were first welcomed onto the British boxing scene more than three years ago. But on Saturday night, one fighter will see their boxing career left with nowhere to go; whilst the other will embark on a future as one of the division’s top fighters.

But this means so much more than just titles. A build-up dominated by their hatred and disgust, the two will have 36 minutes to answer all the lingering questions. Then again, it is that single shot which could end their opponent’s career in only a split second which will be occupying their minds.

So as you strip away the layers, you soon realise boxing is the simplest of sports – and the moment both entourages step outside of the ring on November 22nd, Tony Bellew and Nathan Cleverly will set their focus on finally closing the chapter that has surrounded them both for so long. For that second, just before the opening bell sounds, they will realise that they have more in common with each other, than they ever thought was possible.

Only three days remain.

Picture credits: Sky Sports (YouTube)

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