Australian newsreader wears same suit for a year

It is no secret that women in the spotlight are expected to look ‘camera worthy’ at all times. If they leave the house without a full face of makeup or put on a few pounds they should expect to be all over magazine covers the next day.

Australian presenter Karl Stefanovic took on an unusual experiment following the constant criticism of colleague Lisa Wilkinson. Wilkinson spoke out about harsh emails she had received slating her outfit choice stating “Today’s media landscape, particularly for women, is one now so focused on the glossy and the glamorous.”

Stefanovic decided to wear the same suit everyday for a year only changing his shirt and tie and guess what happened? Absolutely nothing because “no one gives a s***.” It is an unfair fact that women in the broadcast industry lose their popularity once they lose their attractiveness.

Wilkinson explained “When you’re a woman doing breakfast TV, you quickly learn the sad truth that what you wear can sometimes generate a bigger reaction than even any political interview you ever do.” However Stefanovic believes he is judged on his interviews and “appalling sense of humour”, “on how I do my job basically.”

Stefanovic is now auctioning his well-worn suit to raise money for White Ribbon Australia, a campaign to end violence against women. The bidding has began at $10000 and is described on ebay as “a little bit skanky.”

picture courtsey of: Karl Stefanovic 

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