5 reasons to pay the Petersham Nurseries a visit

Petersham Nurseries is located in Richmond, an area which has always been considered wealthy. Petersham Nurseries consists of one teahouse, one café, an attached souvenir shop next to the café and both indoor and outdoor gardening shops. In the teahouse everyone is served on a first come first service base- like a McDonald styled café. Order your own food at the till and take it to wherever you would like to take a seat. However, for the café, due to it being rewarded status as a Michelin star restaurant in 2011, the only way to eat there is book in advance. 


1.You can walk your dog there!

Most coffee shops or café would not allow pets in the indoor area. It is such a shame that when visiting beautiful venues your beloved pets miss out. But don’t worry- Petersham Nursery allows you to take pets into the café, the teahouse and the gardening area. Your pet will never have to miss out again.


2. A perfect wedding venue

As a girl, you must have dreamt about exactly what you want your weding venue to be like. Once you visit Petersham Nurseries, you probably won’t need to look any further. If you want countryside, fairy tale wedding it is perfect. Kew gardens had been promoting itself to be a wedding venue but as the Nurseries is a home based business, they pride themselves on taking care of all the little details. There is no need to worry about the catering, as the Petersham Café is now a Michelins star restaurant.


3. Slow Food in quality

Rushing is now a part of every day life.. Rushing to get to work, college, university on time every day, and then rushing to get back. The same applies for food – we want it fast, almost instantly. Stop spending the weekend on fast food with your friends or family. Sit down and relax with proper cooked food at the Nurseries. As members of the Slow Food Supporters Scheme, the café provides rich food traditions of the UK and protects edible biodiversity of the food. Slow does not mean slowly cooked food but means the food was made with clean ingredients and with special care from the chef. Interestingly, the new head chef, Demian Clisby previously worked as head chef at HIX Soho and Cotswold House. Currently, he is working with Lucy Boyd, the Culinary Director at Petersham Nurseries. The menu in the café changes on a seasonal basis. Together these two create a seasonal menu based on what is growing in the garden and the farming field. Eat the way nature intended and have what the season happens to provide for us.


4. Wine tasting

The wine tasting session is not run on a regular base. The upcoming one is on the 22nd of November and to participate in this event advance online book is required. The admission for Petersham Cellar wine tasting is £27. The cellar team in Petersham brings along the finest cuisine and event to the customer. All the wines are sourced from small business traders and estates – the crème de la crème of wine. November is possibly the best time to taste the latest wine throughout the year as all the grapes used in the wine mature from July to October.


5. Candlelit Christmas shopping

It is almost that time of year again. Yes, it’s Christmas season. If you are fed up of normal Christmas decoration shopping why not come to check what the Petersham Nursery does. Rekindle some old fashioned Christmas spirit and see how the gardening professionals would decorate Petersham Nurseries for the festival season. Bulbs are the essential elements for both indoor and outdoor decorations. After changing the time back to winter time, days getting shorter and shorter. In the afternoon around 4 p.m. when all the lights in the shops are switched on, it suddenly feel so warm and festive in the nurseries due to some very clever decorating. If you still havent got any ideas about Christmas decorations, come and get some inspiration from one of the most innovative people around.

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