Why chilli punishment is a bad idea

Jamie Oliver gave his daughter chilli apples as a punishment for bad behavior. The renowned chef may have had his reasons but It is not wise for amateurs to do the same – you will make your kids detest food.

Jamie has revealed that on occasions he has punished his children using the medium of food. He confessed that once he rubbed some scotch bonnet chilli on apple slices before giving them to his daughter for her misbehaving. Jamie believes that revenge is dish best served hot! He said, “It worked a treat.”

The Daily Mail used science to call this form of punishment torture. A scotch bonnet chilli ranges from 100,000- 350,000-scoville heat. (Yes it is nine times spicier than our normal chilli… what was he thinking?) Oh well…It was supposed to be a silly prank. His wife did not think that though and told the chef never to do that again, I am sure he learnt his lesson – he did not need spiced apples.

Scotch Bonnet Chilli

When thinking about why you should never use food as a form of punishment, there is no one reason. However, the main one is that it creates revulsion towards cooking and food in general.

You should never try to influence your child’s behaviour through food. Meals you cook should send one message and only that message… LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS FAIR AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE FOOD, THERE’S CEREAL.

Pictures : Scandic Hotels and Ian Hampton

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