With new apps being created every day, today’s app market seems to be flooded with celebs launching their own apps, are these apps actually worth downloading or are they celebs just desperate for money?

On celebrity app which seems to have attracted a lot of attention is the ‘Kim Kardashian Hollywood app’, which is free to download and available of iPad, iPhone and various non apple devices. It has proven to be very popular around the world. Although this game wasn’t exactly created by Kim Kardashian, she definitely played her part in it, with more than 22.8million downloads, earning her 43.5 million dollars in just the 3rd quarter of the year! You don’t exactly have to be Einstein to figure out how the play this game, as there are no puzzles of hidden objects waiting to be found. This app became the number 2 app overall on the app store, just one day after it had been released!

Singer Justin Beiber also has his own app called “Shots”. This is a social network that has been created entirely for selfies. However many people feel that Justin’s app is just another excuse for him to take more pictures using a different app, either way, it still seems to be making Beiber a lot of money!

T-Pain’s app ‘I Am T-Pain’, is available of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows users to change their voice to sound exactly like T-Pain. The fact that you can create your own track, then share it with your friend , is what seems to attract more and more people to the app.

‘Snoopify’ is the app created by Rapper Snoop Dogg. It is photo editing app that allows users to add stickers to their pictures in order to achieve the ‘Snoop Lion’ Look! Some of the stickers, which include David Beckham’s head, are free, however some cost money. This app really seems like the perfect solution when you’re really bored.

Singer Mariah Carey’s app “Mariah Carey-oke lyriq”, tests your ‘obsession’ with her and also compares your voice capability to hers. With the kind of voice Mariah has, do your voice will stand a chance?

Taylor Swift decided to step out of her comfort zone with her ‘ Taylor Swift Greeting Cards’ app, which allows users to send their own personalised greeting cards to anyone they know that ‘likes’ Taylor Swift. Her card designs include , Birthday cards, Red Tour cards, Music cards and many more. However, break-up cards doesn’t seem to be on the list… Hmmm we wonder why Taylor…

Actor Tom Hanks’ app “Hanx Writer” recently became the top downloaded app in the I-Tunes store. The app, which is free, allows you to have the sound and nostalgic sound of a type writer, on your ipad. Although there are many apps that are similar to this , the fact that it is associated with Tom Hanks, has made it incredible popular!

Although celebrities can be seen anywhere these days, from TV to online. Mobile apps seem to be very popular as celebrities tend to create an app using their own name or likeness. However just because an app was created by a celebrity does not necessarily mean that it is going to be a success.

An example of an app that wasn’t as successful as it was expected to be is ‘Airtime’. This was meant to be an app that allows people to connect in a fun and simple way. Celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Snoop Dogg, were used to help them gain more users. However this strategy didn’t work because there was no correlation between these celebrities and the app. This then resulted in the losing almost half of their user base in just one month.

It is very important that there is some sort of compatibility between the celebrity and the brand. The celebrity must also have a good public image and also have a connection with the target audience, in order for it to succeed. Some of the apps that have been created by celebrities are very similar to apps that are already out there, but the fact that it was created by a celeb, attracts more people to it. Are these celebrities really desperate for money or are they just looking for any reason to stay relevant?

Image: Robert S. Donovan

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