Guns N’ Roses biopic in the pipeline

The co-author of the bands’ 2008 biography, Marc Canter, has claimed that the rockstars’ story will be turned into an A-list featuring film; we are hoping it will not join the list of recent disappointing musical biopics.

Although no producers, director, or any details at all- for that matter- have been released, Canter promises that “the people [he’s] working with are the best ones to do this project”. He writes on the bands’ website, MyGNRForum (via Henne Music): “It will bring a whole new slew of fans and sell a shitload of records for the band.”

The project, which Canter is consulting on, has supposedly been in talks for about four months.

In 2012, the bands former drummer Matt Sorum, said that he was in talks with some “pretty big people” about writing a script for a biopic- so this isn’t the first time that there has been a potential Guns N’ Roses adventure for the big screen. Talking about movies such as Mark Wahlberg’s vehicle, Rockstar (2001), Sorum said: “they’ve never been done right… with [Guns N’ Roses, however] there was a much sort of more street, dark undercurrent happening that could be great on film.”

This year has seen a heavy release of music star biopics, from Get on Up about the founding father of funk, James Brown (Chadwick Boseman), to All Is By My Side- a flunking film about rock giant, Jimi Hendrix. Both received mixed reviews- mostly negative.

Slash told the Belfast Telegraph earlier this year, that he would “not like to see a Guns N’ Roses biopic”.

The band, which is still lead by original front man Axl Rose but doesn’t include Sorum or Slash, are apparently working on a new LP and their first remix album.

Writes: @bonnienanjack

Picture credit: Delusion23


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