Gordon Ramsay sabotaged by rival

Celebrity chef and big TV personality Gordon Ramsay has accused an unnamed rival of ‘sabotage’

The chef’s outburst on the Jonathan Ross show was directed at the Mayfair restaurant rivals on Regent Street, where Ramsay has opened his 12th London restaurant ‘Heddon Street Kitchen‘. Reservations were made for 140 guests, but only a disappointing 40 showed up for the new Restaurant’s opening night which he promised to deliver a “relaxed, modern european menu”.

The 48 year old claims one of his Mayfair rivals is to blame for the prank, which has left his staff “down and frustrated” on such an important night for the new restaurant. “I was there to pick them up and make sure we stayed focused” exclaimed the TV personality chef on ITV’s talk show.

From now on, Ramsay says the restaurant will now have to go through the process of re-confirming every booking to make sure such a heart-breaking episode doesn’t happen again.

Gordon Ramsay’s 24th worldwide restaurant Heddon Street Kitchen is located on Regent Street, with Head Chef Tampakas, from Heston Bluementhal’s Two-Michelin-starred Diner.

Picture: Dave Pillig

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