England V Scotland gearing up to be anything but a friendly

Scotland’s Captain, Scott Brown, has led a timely attack on opponents England hours before the two are due to reignite the rivalry that has kept police intent of making their presence known at Celtic Park.

“We know the English really do not bother about us — they could not care less about Scottish football — and to be perfectly honest, that p****s us off,” he told the Daily Record.

“We are brought up to believe beating England is as good as it gets. We are going into a game against our arch enemy and that is the best thing any Scot could experience.”

Scotland are hoping to cause an upset and record their first win against their closest rivals in 29 years and both managers know that bragging rights are all that can be claimed tonight.

Gordan Strachan admitted: “it’ll be intense. I think the England players will enjoy it, the atmosphere”.

“We need to keep up the standard, you can only play it if the public want it. They enjoyed the last game, not just the football, everyone in London enjoyed the atmosphere. Let’s produce another game of football, the players like it that is for sure.”

The abrupt claims from Brown are not what should be making the front pages before a game and only the score will determine who cares about this match more. Both are on form with England winning all of their four Euro qualifiers and Scotland will take encouragement after a narrow defeat against Germany and victory over Ireland on Friday.

Kick off starts at 8pm with full coverage on ITV.

Picture Credit: treevis

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