Who is Kate Middleton’s new stylist?

The Duchess of Cambridge has a stylist… who knew? No one until now knew ‘Tash’ existed.

A 27 year old you have never heard of in fashion, Natasha Archer is now the Duchess’s new stylist and probably the most powerful in the fashion industry. Here are five things we know about Tash.

Spoiler alert: oh well!

She is posh
She is called Natasha but is mostly known as TASH in the palace, which is definitely the poshest thing ever. And her hair, is absolutely amazing!

She wears cashmere
This shows a promising appreciation of clothing. She wears grey cashmere crewnecks (YAY). Someone needs to wheedle Kate out of those pastels, and we are hoping Tash is the one (if not her, no one else can)

She was the Duchess’s PA before becoming her stylist
Tash has worked for the Palace since 2007. Last summer, after the birth of Prince George, she was the first person outside the Royal family to have entered the Lindo wing.

Kate’s wardrobe may take a few more risks than usual under ‘Tash’s’ direction
Not too long ago, Kate wore a Jenny Packham dress with a ‘mullet’ hem, which meant it was short in front, long at the back, and flare dress with black cutouts designed by Alice Temperley. Neither of them were traditional maternity wear, and with Kate, everyone knows she is not a risk taker when it comes to her wardrobe. Is this the Tash effect on her dress sense?

She is a fan of the upcoming designers showcased in the Fashion week
Tash was seen in the front row at the fashion show in September, wearing torn denims and a sweatshirt featuring the Kayne’s face in glitter.**

** Listen, I ran out of cool stuff to say about this mysterious new girl on the block, so I made this up.

Picture : Hot Gossip Italia

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