The Real Food Market at Southbank

The Real Food Market at London’s South-bank Centre Square brings you the finest quality and freshest ingredients you will ever find! Located in the centre of the busy City at Waterloo, you may find yourself slightly overwhelmed by the energetic atmosphere, surrounded by like-minded producers and visitors every Friday to Sunday. 

The market brings you a wide range of amazing produce from across the globe. Showcasing the rise of high quality, fresh street food. The producers at the market have been hand picked for their authenticity and high quality produce every week. You can be sure to find something that tickles your fancy, from spicy curries to fluffy churros. Producers are encouraged to find sustainable ingredients that are ethically produced to give your taste buds a street feast like never before!

In today’s society, many of us crave the taste of ‘real’ high quality, pesticide free and organic foods. There are hundreds of food markets around, but the Real Food Market ensures that you get the best of the best. Everything is fresh, and either cooked in front of you or the night before, ensuring you taste the difference in the ultimum flavours, freshest produce, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are over 40 producers, giving you variety and a different experience to soulless supermarket shopping. If you’re passionate about your food and want to try something different, head down to the City Centre and grab a high quality street bite to help support, celebrate and enjoy the best, passion-driven, sustainable and ethically minded producers!

WNOL took to the city Centre Square to showcase to you the best of London’s street foods!

Here’s a list of some of the regular producers at the market:

Arabica Food & Spice Company

Bad Brownie

Bean About Town

Bello Gnocco

Black Acorn

The Borough Cheese Company

Bread Tree

Cannon & Cannon

Casa Canoli

The Chocolatier

Churros Garcia

Crêperie Nicolas

Curry Shack

Ecopeace Mangoes

The Ethiopian Coffee Company

The Frenchie

The Flour Station


Grays & Feather, The Boutique Sparkling Wine Specialist

Hazeldene Rare Breeds Farm

Horn Ok Please

House of Sverre

Ice Kitchen

Il Gelato di Ariela

The Indians Next Door

Ion Patisserie

Jacob’s Ladder Farms – Traditional Farming and Butchery

Korrito – Korean Cuisine

Koshari Street – Vegetarian dishes from Egypt

Ladle & Skillet

The Little Welsh Rarebit

London Cheesemongers

Love Me Tender

Lulin Teas – Purveyors of the finest loose leaf tea

Meantime Brewing Company

Merry Widows Wine

Nomades Moroccan Recipes

Outsider Tart – Authentic American bake shop & cafê

Petros Traditional Produce

Pimento Hill

The Polish Deli London


S J Frederick- The Home of Label Anglais Chickens

The Somerset Ploughman

Sub Cult – Anglo American Culinary Gourmet Deli Sub

Turnips Fruit & Veg 

Une Normande a Londres

Wild Hives: A Real Raw Honey Company 

Woodwards Farm

Visit the market:

Friday: 12:00 – 20:00

Saturday: 11:00 – 20:00

Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00

At: Southbank Centre Square, SE1 8XX.

Pictures & video: Rosy Leveque

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