Institute of sexology and its wellcome collection

Under the parole ‘The free destination for incurably curious’, sexually charged exhibition opens on the 20th November. This is the first exhibition to openly tackle study of sex with over 200 exhibits showing art, film, erotica, photography and dealing with sex research in an interesting way.

The exhibition consists of sections from early sexologists collections, Freud’s consulting room, room that liberates Pacific islanders, Kinsey‘s sexual classroom with movies on animals copulating. Then you can also walk into a lab, showcasing research on sexual arousal and a room which assesses sexual attitudes and lifestyle across the UK. The fun part is you have to join the dots by yourself, cutting yourself from working day by sitting at the or gone accumulator, sexually charging yourself.

From the 19th century boundaries for perversion and normality have been created, and this exhibition allows you to get lost in all of it. It highlights how the information on sex can help you change attitudes and raise taboos. You as a visitor can join the survey by Neil Bartlett, who has already conducted anonymous research on the personal sexual experiences. The exhibition is part of wider exhibitions across the country-including Brighton, Southampton , Manchester and Glasgow so far. Not recommended for the prudish.

For more on What’s on, check Wellcome Collection website.

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