The CitiStudio photoshoot experience

As a fairly introverted person, it is safe to say that I more a little more then nervous when it came to the day of my photoshoot. While standing outside the door all I could think about was what an earth had possessed me to purchase such a ridiculous experience day.

However, I took a deep breath and walked into the CitiStudio with my flatmate, who I had brought along for moral support.

Instantly, we were overwhelmed, and our jaws dropped at the glitz and glamour of the place. Stunning women walked around assisting people, and even the men working there looked like they had just walked out of a GQ magazine. I was all set to do a 180 degree turn and escape out the door while we still had the chance, but before we could do that, a smiling worker came over and offered to take our coats and register our details. No turning back now I thought with a sigh.

Things quickly took a turn for the better as we were offered a drink, and the friendly staff made sure we had everything we needed. They guided us to a plush waiting area, and made conversation with us, doing their best to make sure that we didn’t feel out of place. Just as we were getting comfortable, browsing through magazines and chilling with our drinks, we were called over to get ready for our photoshoot.

After quickly being briefed it was time finally time to be photographed. The make up artists were fantastic and made sure that we were comfortable with everything that they were doing. Feeling pretty confident now, we waltzed into the main studio ready for our shots – and our jaws dropped.

The studio was huge, and much more professional then I was expecting if I’m honest. Our assigned photographer walked over to us and burst out laughing at the expressions on our faces. “Not expecting something so intimidating eh girls?” she said, smiling kindly at us and then asking if it was our first time doing anything like this. Once she learnt that we were completely new to all this she immediately set about reassuring us, and telling us not to get all self conscious.

The rest of the day was great, as she told us exactly how to pose, which camera to face and even what expression to have on our face. Photo after photo was taken, from moody shots of us pouting to the cheesiest picture of us jumping in the air with massive grins.

The initial nerves and feeling of self consciousness all faded. Eventually we were in our element, posing and pouting for all we were worth, and having a whale of a time in the process.

me and Shay blue background

The studio had lots of different backgrounds and props that we could use to have fun and take great pictures with. Elegant velveteen backdrops with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling contrasted with plain backdrops decorated with tasteful accessories.

Soon our time was up. We had taken all the photos we could, and our bodies ached from standing in awkward positions for so long. However, as soon as we saw our photos we giggled in glee like a couple of toddlers. The quality was excellent and the photographer had done a great job of making our mugs look halfway decent. Our day had come to an end, and we walked out of there tired but happy.

me and Shay red chair resized

For anyone that fancies a day in the spotlight, CitiStudio is definitely the place to go. The experienced staff prise even the most camera shy out of their shell, and if you’re already brimming with confidence then they’ll make you strut your stuff like a pro. Our photographer had been doing her job for nine years, and the other ones were just as qualified, so you’ll be in good hands. Even if at first you are cynical or doubtful about it (like I was) this place is almost guaranteed to change your mind.

Pictures: Ruheena Husain

video: CitiStudio London

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