Aaliyah-The Princess of R&B Remake

So lifetime decided to remake another film, and this time its singer and actress Aailyah who got picked.

A day after The Aaliyah Movie has come out, people are still talking about how bad it was. The film, which was made remade by Lifetime and produced by Talk show host Wendy Williams, disappointed many fans of the late singer.

The movie, which was made, went ahead without the consent of the late singers family. And without support of the singers friends and mentors.

With bad acting and badly picked actors, The film came out in America the 15th of November, with friend and mentor Timbaland simply putting on Instagram that he wont be watching the film.

Throughout the film many people, where basically live blogging what was going on twitter so much so it trended worldwide hitting London.

Now Lifetime, which is home to many remakes of celebrities, had done a number with casting, they picked actors that in no way represent who Missy Elliott and Timbaland. The film, which came out, also whitewashed the inappropriate relationship between Aaliyah who was 15 and R-Kelly who was 27 at the time.

The filmed simply glossed over many of the young star achievements and showed us the audience what we already knew about her, that she was a talented singer and actress.

Because the family have the rights to Aaliyah’s music, many scenes that needed the music was remade but badly done, however it did show the talent of newcomer Alexandra Shipp.


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