The View falling upon troubled times with plummeting ratings

The View is America’s answer to Loose Women, however the show is starting to fall on tough times.

The show has been airing for seventeen years and recently premièred its eighteenth season with a new panel of women. The show’s Executive producers are discussing new ways to keep the show alive as ratings plummet since its September 2014 revive. Show creator and original panellist Barbara Walters left the show in 2014 along with long running panellist, actress Sheri Shepherd. Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselback left in 2013 and the show has ultimately received almost an entire panel of less familiar faces for its viewers.

Executives are reportedly in discussions about holding a nationwide televised audition to find a brand new panellist, in hopes to draw in more ratings and bring the show back to a similar place to when it was successful.

Whoopi Goldberg was the only panellist from season seventeen to continue, with Rosie O’Donnell returning from a seven year hiatus from the show after being initially fired by Barbara Walters. Barbara allegedly decided to bring back Rosie as she thought that the show would need at least one familiar face to return alongside new panellists. The new panellists include actress Rosie Perez and former White House employee and republican Nicole Wallace.

Shortly after Sherri Shepherds departure she appeared on The Wendy Williams show. In the interview Wendy asked her if she thought The View would still be around in seven years time and Sherri responded: “I think every ride has to end, and you have to be ok with getting off the ride. It has had a long run. Seven years Wendy? I think that’s pushing it”.

Watch Sherri’s interview below.

Image: The White House

Video: Wendy Williams

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