Theo Paphitis: ‘a university degree now guarantees you absolutely nothing’

The former Dragon’s Den star is familiar with critiquing ideas and took a stab at the benefit of degrees while pioneering the apprenticeship schemes at The Skills Show event.

The entrepreneur expressed his views on degrees when speaking to the HuffPost UK. He identified that the changing nature of society has taken away the guarantee of a job with a degree, but does offer you a debt.

He continued: ‘What you get [from graduates] is an older person who has now been trained in the art of drinking’, highlighting that ‘companies want raw talent’.

He failed to acknowledge the benefits of a degree but as a man who attributes all of his skills to apprenticeships and patron of The Skills Show, which provides hands-on experience, this opinion is no surprise.

Mr Paphitis of course championed the hands-on schemes claiming that they ‘can put young people well ahead of the game’. He identified the lack of knowledge about apprenticeships as a fault as parents ‘grew up at a time where the thinking was to get to university’.

WNOL still have faith in your degree, but would you have done things differently if you knew more about apprenticeships? Or are you in an apprenticeship but would have preferred a degree? Let us know your thoughts.

Pictures: Bethan

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