Philae probe outshined by ‘Sexist’ shirt

After a 10-year journey, the Philae Probe made a rocky landing on a comet; but a scientist’s shirt inadvertently stole the limelight.

The Philae Probe was launched in 2004 in an effort to learn more about the origin of the solar system. The probe bounced twice on its tripod-resembling legs when landing, but successfully sent back images of the comet believed to be more than four billion years old. Back on Earth, between hugs and excitement, a controversial shirt was topic of discussion as Tech writer, Rose Eveleth, commented on scientist Matt Taylor’s choice of clothing:

Rose further said that the shirt featuring sexy women in underwear ruined ‘the cool comet landing’ for her, before referring to him as an ‘asshole’. Twitter did provide her some support describing the shirt as ‘sexist’ and inappropriate for broadcast, but of course her opinion encouraged negative responses:

The excitement was cut short due to the probe’s limited battery life of 30 hours. Due to landing awkwardly, sunlight is restricted to ‘1.5 hours of illumination every 12 hour rotation of the comet’, which is not likely to sufficiently recharge the battery but at least we will still have a shirt to talk about down here.

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