Christoph Waltz to star as new Bond Villain?

Known for his menacing portrayal of SS captain Hans Landa in Inglorious Bastards, Waltz has proven his ability to strike fear with his eerily sinister acting. It has been said that Watlz’s character will not be souly a villain, leaving us with the impression that betrayal and plot twists will be a key element in the latest instalment of 007. 

Tarantino snapped up Waltz, who until 2009 had only appeared in German TV films, for his portrayal of a German officer and then once again for his film Django Unchained, winning him two academy awards, two BAFTA’s and two Golden globes for his supporting roles.

Bamigboye the Daily mail reporter stated on Twitter that the new film would start shooting early next month on location in Mexico, Morocco, Austria, Italy and London. With director Sam Mendes set to return, following the $1bn success of 2012 Skyfall, alongside Daniel Craig’s 3rd and possibly last performance as Bond. The 24th Bond is likely to appear late 2015 /early 2016.

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