Remember remember, 5 November

On 5 November, the Million Mask March made its way through over 400 cities across the globe in a demonstration calling for “fairness, justice and freedom” according to the Anonymous groups leading members

In a protest against mass surveillance, cuts and better quality of living, thousands of Anonymous demonstrators made their way from London’s Trafalgar Square in the early evening of 5 November, down Whitehall road collecting outside the Houses of Parliament.

Hundreds of officers were on high alert for the bonfire night activities, as the group rejected requests to divulge details of their activity.

The day prior to the demonstrations, a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: “We have tried to make contact with groups who we believed may consider attending, but so far without success,

“We want to engage with these groups so that we can work together to ensure they can protest safely whilst making sure that serious disruption to the life of the community is avoided.”

Just last month, several arrests in the Parliament Square were made in a week long of pro-democracy protests organised by activist group Occupy Democracy. Despite peaceful attempts by protesters, a number of approximately 15 arrests have been made including that of Baroness Jenny Jones a member of the Green Party.

The streets saw the likes of activists of the Israel–Palestine conflict, people calling for social equality, campaigners of surveillance matters and cannabis users keen to see the drug legalised.

Swarms of groups circulated in iconic black and white “V for Vendetta” masks establishing a revolutionary objective in their act of protesting. The iconic symbol trademarked by the “hack group” carried globally, as social media users alike posted and updated pics of their activities through the night accompanied by their masks.

Thousands filled the streets, traffic was gridlocked and riot police braced with shields and batons guarded a fenced off patch of green that sat in the middle of the active area. London is said to have been one of the largest demonstrations over the globe, hosting several thousand activists.

Pictures: Ben Collier 

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