Russian Baltic presence causes NATO strain

Tensions between Russia and NATO are rising as Russian presence increases in the Baltic region.

NATO aircrafts were forced to chase away a stray Russian military plane as it entered Estonian territory earlier today. But as Russian officials claim that the jet was merely performing an exercise and that it was not meant to cross international air borders, many questions are raised regarding the actual purpose behind their recent military actions.

After the events in Ukraine and the continued Russian presence in the eastern regions of the country as well as her continuous support of pro-Russian separatists, many are wondering as to what intentions does Vladimir Putin have towards the ex-Soviet territories.

Earlier this week, another reported violation caused tension as Swedish military troops spotted a submarine, assumed to be Russian, in Baltic waters near the capital, Stockholm. Last month, Estonia reported that a border official has been abducted by what are suspected to be Russian activists.

Estonia was occupied by the Soviet State in 1944, causing as many as 80, 000 natives to flee to Germany, Sweden, and Finland. At the moment, more than 24% of its population are Russian.

Picture: TheRiseOfRussia

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