Baroness Jones arrested in support of Occupy Democracy

As demonstrations reach the four week mark in Hong Kong, Parliament Square hosts campaigners calling for democratic transparency 

Despite peaceful attempts by protesters, approximately 15 arrests have been made including that of Baroness Jenny Jones, a member of the Green Party.

Occupy London have scheduled a series of pro-democracy demonstrations in the country’s capital from the 17–26 October. Last Friday, the group launched their campaign opening the event with an overnight vigil marking the UN day for the eradication of poverty. From the weekend through until Wednesday, the campaigning group has addressed ‘A Revolution in Democracy’‘Money Tax and Finance’‘Public Services’ – overlapping as Monday and Tuesday’s demonstrations – to ‘Life, Environment and Equality’ having launched this afternoon at 1pm. The protests are due to run until Sunday 26 October.

Occupy Democracy’s website read, “In Hong Kong, hundreds of people are fighting courageously for the right to a real vote. They know that a system where candidates are decided by the state is no democracy… We know that democracy is not just about having a vote every four, now five years. It is about having the power to make your voice heard.”

Pictures: Occupy London Occupy London TV

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