Is Russia making a secret Baltic sea move?

Submarine sightings in Swedish waters cause worry as military suspects Russian activity in the region.

Reports flew in last week that foreign submarines were spotted along the shores near Stockholm. The Swedish military was immediately dispatched to investigate, based on information from “a reliable source,” refusing to name Russia as prime suspect.

Later, however, a local newspaper reported intercepting a distress signal towards Russia, throwing the suspicion even more to the Eurasian giant. In the light of recent events in Ukraine, Sweden exercises extra caution to the movement of any Russian military units in what they call “an area of interest to foreign powers.”

Russia denies allegations of suspicious activity as a statement from the Ministry of Defense claims that the navy vessels are simply “performing tasks according to plan.”

As the mystery hunt continues, specialists brainstorm reasons why Russia would send navy vessels that close to the Swedish borders in the Baltic sea, with espionage and testing NATO coming up as the two most popular theories.

Earlier last month, two Russian bombers flew into Swedish airspace, causing the military to send jets to escort the intruders out of its air borders.

Picture: Patricia R. Totemeier @ Wikimedia Commons

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