Editorial note: Meet the team

Welcome to WNOL Investigates, a London based online publication that delivers the most exclusive in depth investigations

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” the late Albert Einstein was quoted.

100 years on from The Great War, the world we know is at a crisis of conflict. Follow our team of specialist journalists and their efforts in relieving the public at this time of deep friction. From every corner of the globe, no stone will go unturned in our efforts in bringing you the most up to date and detailed uncoverings.

Read of Africa and The East, exclusive interviews bringing scope into the democracy fueled riots of Hong Kong and streets of our nations capitals, read of the Eastern European domino effect as a result of middle eastern pressures and hear first hand from the Muslim men of Britain who choose to a life lead by Shariah. These are but some of the many unique investigations that will feature.   

Writers and their field:

Ben Collier (WNOL Investigates Editor) – Lead up 2015 elections – Hong Kong

Jordan Ryan (WNOL Investigates Sub Editor) – Charity Britain

Richard Holmes (WNOL Investigates Subbing Editor) – Islam influenced Britain

Giulia Poloni (WNOL Investigates Pictures Editor) – Palestine and Gaza

Ben Clatworthy (WNOL Investigates Social Media) – Africa   

Lily Valentine (WNOL Investigates Contributor) – Eastern Europe

Words: Ben Collier

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