Spook up your every day wardrobe this Halloween!

Yes, OK, so maybe Halloween can be a little off-putting when you have to think for hours on end about what to dress up as… and then actually spend hours on end making it look fang-tastic! 

But fear not – Life and Style have a number of ways to still add a bit of pumpkin madness to your wardrobe, along with some utterly witchin’ outfits that will even make the devil shudder.

Subtle terror while the sun is shining:
Just like Edward in Twilight – vampires glisten in daylight… so we can’t go too overboard. Let’s save all the fright for the night’s antics.

We all love Cats right? No, no, not the cute and cuddly kind… more of the fearless, evil kind:

  • ASOS pulled their paws with Halloween themed coin purses. The Cat coin purse is a personal favourite not only perfect for the Halloween season but also for any other time too! As well as a pumpkin or ghost style one too. All £6.00
  • However if you are feeling like adding a bit more fear to your day… then definitely go for the – Halloween Scoop Body with Green Cats Eyes – from ASOS. Those malicious eyes could give anyone nightmares. £22.00
  • Misguided has the faultless cat dress for both day and evening wear– Tabitha Cat Embroidered Bodycon Dress – this velvet dress is spooky and sexy. £19.99

Choke up that neck! Yes, we mean literally…

  • The ultimate necklace for the 1920’s Vampire theme is definitely this – Black beaded drape choker – from Topshop. It’s not only stylish but immediately mimics the classic vampire style, adding a ghostly feel to your daily outfit! £16.50
  • Nothing says Halloween more than a – Gothic Choker Necklace – from ASOS. We all know the power of the cross… especially on the 31st October… £10.00
  • However, a personal favourite amongst the fashion team is definitely the – Skeleton Choker – from Topshop. Wearing a dead corpse round your neck definitely cries terror and is very eerie. £12.50

Double, double toil and… TOPS!

  • OK, so this t-shirt won’t exactly give people Goosebumps, but it definitely adds involvement to the spooky season. New Look has the best catch-phrase this Halloween with their – If you’ve got it haunt it – t-shirt, I daren’t say it’s cute because we are meant to be talking scary! £7.99
  • I’m not sure about you – but I always wanted to be Sabrina the teenage witch – and what’s stopping you from believing you are with this – Teen Witch – jumper from ASOS. £30.00
  • Orange is certainly the Halloween colour, so this – Pop Boutique Boo Sweatshirt – from ASOS is absolutely perfect. Not too chilling for the daytime, but still reminding everyone it’s the season for cauldrons’ and poison! £22.00
  • Misguided have pulled out all the tricks with this – Twerk or Treat Black Crop Top – let’s just hope you can Twerk, or you better have a good treat up your cuff. £9.99
  • The halloween season also welcomes cold winter nights, so keep those legs wrapped warm with – Pumpkin Tights – from ASOS. Not only will that wicked mouth spook up your outfit, they also chillingly glow in the dark! £8.00

When the full moon’s out, the witches are out:

So make them howl in creepy-good costumes, from sexy vampires to sinister bats – it’s time to get your claws out!

  • Let’s take a different approach to dressing up with this – Buffy Bat Print Bodycon – from Misguided it’s the perfect dress for an eerie evening! Covered in the desired Halloween animal, the outfit is not only spooky but also flattering. £14.99
  • Get those fangs out! With this funky and toothy outfit – Cat-suit in Fang Print – from ASOS. It’s fitted style and pop-art pattern will make you be the spotlight of the party… what isn’t scarier than sharp daggering looking fangs? £28.00
  • The days of wearing a bin-bag as part of your witch outfit is long gone… River Island proves that witches definitely can be sexy! – Black lace insert velvet playsuit – lace is the perfect addition for that evil spell and the classic style means it can be worn even when the Halloween season is over, what’s not to love? £35.00
  • Another personal favourite, but one you may not be able to wear other than the Halloween season is this – Skeleton Cami Unitard – from ASOSThe ghoulish jumpsuit is ideal for the Halloween evening and extremely flattering on those bones! £25.00 

Who said Halloween has to be a huge extravaganza? You can still enjoy the vamping up with witchin’ outfits that don’t require too much effort or leave you with a wardrobe that has to be locked away until next year!

Images courtesy of: ASOS1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89Topshop, 1, New Look, Misguided, 1, 2, River IslandWallpapers Wide

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